Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Carpet Puller for One Person

UPDATE, you dont want this.....We have figured out that the company making and selling them...well, they take your money, but dont ship the carpet puller...been waiting 2-years, paid but no merchandise....BUYER BEWARE!

It takes a lot of man-hours to pull up carpeting, and it's back-breaking work. The new, state-of-the-art Hercules can cut all of those extra payroll hours down to one person!

  • Unit is 1 foot wide and can fit through any size door
    1 man can lift in and out of your truck

  • Has 4000 lbs of pulling power

  • Comes with Instructional Video

  • Has a safety cage to protect you when traveling and doubles has a safety Guard when using

Use an aircraft cable with no tension pull in case of breakage it will not swing back at the operator. Alot safer

Can remove 700-1000 yds in one day with one man

Will pay for itself in one or two jobs

Recognized by insurance companies

It will reduce labor costs. Just you and the machine.

It comes with a 4 foot pull bar for maximum coverage

Setup takes only minutes

For more information on the Hercules carpet puller click here.

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