Saturday, March 15, 2008


Add this to your Flooring Tools. Moisture Test Kits by Vaporgauge

Well it's about time! Someone out there is taking the time to get it done right. Vaporgauge has put out the best Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kits on the Market. Not only have they done the kits right, but they have also added a new feature for Contractors all of the country. You can go right to and calculate your moisture readings right on line, in real time. No more waiting weeks for your mailed in results. Vaporgauge also offers multi test pack kits....which means, if you purchase a 100 pack of test kits, you get a gram scale for free. Use your gram scale to take your moisture weight, and then hop right online at to do your math. IT'S NOW THAT EASY!
For more information on the Vaporgauge Calcium Chloride Test Kits, CLICK HERE!

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