Wednesday, April 22, 2009



The RACATAC is a must have tool for any tradesmen, craftsmen, or mechanics who spend the majority of their time in a crouched, squatting, or kneeling position. The RACATAC can be used in a kneeling position where you completely supported allowing comfort, easy movements and balance. It can also be used in the sitting position taking the weight load off of your feet, heels, and knees.

For more information on the RACATAC Knee Pad CLICK HERE!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Multi-Undercut Jam Saw

This versitile Jamb Saw, made by Crain, undercuts along walls, door jambs, under toe spaces, and will also fully undercut inside corners!!

Each Jam Saw comes with the 36 tooth No. 556 carbine blade, a custom molded carrying case, and a spanner wrench for blade removal.

For more information on the Crain Multi-Undercut Jam Saw CLICK HERE!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Dual Air Dolly Furniture Mover

The Dual Air Glides with its 8 1/2" x 36" dual vacuum platforms is a powerful lightweight mechanism, which utilizes hovercraft principles for easy and safe movement of commercial and industrial machinery office equipment and household appliances without damaging floors. Its 1.75 HP blower gives you a 700b capacity.

The Air Dolly includes two 8" x 36" carpet adapters, blower unit, carrying case and air hoses

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