Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Blanke Securmat

Blanke Securmat is a tear-proof rolled uncoupling underlayment that provides a secure bonding surface for ceramic tile and natural stone installations on both interior floors and walls.  If you are thinking about tiling any floor or wall, you will want to look into Blanke Securmat, available at


• Low elevation
• Easy to cut and install
• Uses less thinset than other uncoupling products
• Provides uncoupling crack isolation properties
• Approved for wood and cement substrates
• Approved for use with modified thinset mortar
• Approved for all tile sizes including mosaics

Because Securmat is just 1/25" thick, much less thinset is need in the installation.  And although it is thin, it is very strong.  In fact, Securmat has been given an "extra heavy" for heavy duty and high impact use by the Tile Council of North America.

Blanke Securmat is available in a 134.5 square foot roll on  The 134.5 square foot roll measures 3.28" wide x 41" long.

To learn more about the Blanke Securmat - 134.5 square foot roll, CLICK HERE.

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Micro Processor Moisture Meter by General Tools

The Micro Processor Moisture Meter is a highly sensitive precision moisture meter that measures moisture content in wood, timber, and other building materials.  Unlike most other moisture meters that require the user to poke into the application to achieve results, the MMD6NP Moisture Meter uses non-invasive means to collect quick and accurate moisture readings.

The wide measuring range and high resolution screen allows this moisture meter to be used in a variety of moisture situations and applications, and the strong, light-weighted ABS-plastic housing fits comfortably into your hand.

The MMD6NP Micro Processor Moisture Meter comes complete with:

For more information on the Micro Processor Moisture Meter, CLICK HERE.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter

The Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter by Lignomat is the original pocket-size moisture meter.  The Mini-Ligno is equipped with an updated circuitry with microprocessor technology to assure accuracy, calibrated stability, and reliability. The meter measures moisture levels between 6-20% on wood substrates, and comes with pins for a measuring depth of 3/16" and 7/16".  The Mini-Ligno is available on

Lets take a look at some of the features:

The Mini-Ligno fits in your hand when measuring and is small enough to carry in a shirt-pocket.  To use, simply push the pins into wood. The unique on-off switch between the pins will turn the meter on automatically, and the bright LED lights instantly indicate moisture percentage.

For more information on the Mini-Ligno Moisture Meter and to see what it comes with, CLICK HERE.

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