Friday, June 30, 2017


GreenSeel Liquid Applied Waterproofing & Anti-Fracture Membrane

GreenSeel is the easiest way to do your waterproofing or anti-fracture applications. This ready to use liquid latex waterproofing and crack prevention is simply applied with a paint brush, paint roller, or trowel.

GreenSeel can be used in interior or exterior applications on many different substrates. Great for shower stalls and tub surrounds, swimming pools, steam rooms, spas and hot tubs, etc. 

To learn more about the GreenSeel Waterproofing Membrane, click HERE.

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Friday, June 23, 2017


USG Durock Custom Shower Trays - Build Your Own Shower

USG is now offering Custom Shower Trays in almost any configuration and size. This allows you to easily build a pre-sloped shower floor for those difficult to find sizes/shapes.

This has been a successful program in store and we are now offering the Custom Shower Trays to our online customers. Simply fill out the form and email or fax it to us to receive a quote on your custom tray.

Click HERE to get more info and email/fax info.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


About Almond Scratch Stick and Instructions for Use

Almond Scratch Stick is used like an eraser to conceal unsightly scratches in almost any wood surface. Great for use on wood furniture, doors, door trims, window sills, wood floors, etc.

Make sure the surface is clean of any dust or other debris and simply unwrap the foil on one end to expose the cotton. Rub the stick over the scratch and voila! Your scratch is still there but has been concealed and is much less noticeable. Wrap the scratch stick back up in the foil, place in the provided resealable bag, and put it back in the storage container until the next use.

To read more about the Almond Scratch Stick, click HERE.

Check out our informational videos on the Almond Scratch Stick and How to Use it below.

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