Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Crain #988 Vinyl Welding Kit

Crain's Vinyl Welding Kit comes with all of the components that you will need to do your basic vinyl welding at an affordable price.

The Crain Vinyl Welding Kit comes with:
#960 Heat Weld Gun - Features precise heat, and comes with a pencil-tip nozzle, triangle welding tip, and a round welding tip.
#970 Power Groover - Tracks in the seamline to cut a trapezoidal groove for welding. Features simple, precise depth adjustment, and effective chip control. Comes with a 12 tooth 130mm carbide-tipped blade.
#983 Hand Groover & Blades - This tool is most often used in doorways or to finish the ends of long seams where the power groover can't go. Made to cut by pulling.

#985 Quarter Moon Knife
#986 Trim Guide

To find out more about the Vinyl Welding Kit, CLICK HERE.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Gram Scale for Measuring Your Chloride Tests

This Chloride Test Kit Scale made by Vapor Gauge, model JS150V, is one of the most accurate scales on the market . This scale is made to measure your chloride tests kits. The pantented hand forming shape allows for easy handling.

For more information about the JS150V Chloride Test Kit Scale, CLICK HERE.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Schluter Products added to Installertools.com

At installertools.com we've been busy adding the Schluter Shower and waterproofing line to our website. You can now find Schluter Ditra, Schluter Kerdi, and Schluter Shower Systems at an already low price and then only have to pay $8.00 shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

So visit installertools.com to find all of your carpet or flooring needs, and our newly added Schluter products.

For more information about our Schluter Shower and Waterproofing products, CLICK HERE.

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