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Friday, October 23, 2009


Durable Knee Blades available at

One of this month's specials on features the durable and comfortable Knee Blades. If you and your knees are tired of the old knee pads, make sure you check out these rolling knee pads on wheels.

These Knee Blades are fitted with three wheels on each pad, and are secured with Velstretch straps. The Knee Blades are easy to get around on, molded to the contour of the knee, and long lasting. Knee Blades come in pairs.

Give your knees a break, check out the Knee Blades today!

For more information on the Knee Blades, CLICK HERE.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Carpet Binding Machines from Bond and National. has been working hard to update our Carpet Binding Machine products list. When customers shop for an expensive machine that is vital to their business, they want to shop for the best machine to fit their needs and quality standards. For that reason we've added a new line of Carpet Binding Machines to our products list. We now carry Bond Products and National Carpet Equipment, which are two companies that have been around for years. Top-notch quality machines that are built to last. That's why we can feel confident in offering these products to our customers.

In the next few weeks you will see categories being built for new Carpet Binding Machines and Accessories for those machines. Our goal is to offer a website where Flooring Professionals can compare, choose, and purchase the machine that they want. We want to create a great business relationship with our contractors so that they know that is a reliable place to order their Carpet Binding Machine Accessories.

Feel free to visit to see the progress on the Carpet Binding Machine Categories.

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