Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Carpet Tools by Bullet Tools

One of the neatest carpet tools you need to add to your work van is the Seam Jet carpet seaming iron #212 by Bullet Tools. This is a must for your flooring tool collection.
The Seam Jet is a full featured, fully grooved, standard iron featuring new EvnSeam Technology.
This EvnSeam Technology makes the Seam Jet unique from other irons in that it has a second heating element that is powered on all of the time (patented). This second heater slows the cooling of the iron and allows the thermostat more time to respond to cooling. The result is an iron that holds tighter temperature control than standard irons, allowing installers to close seams faster with less damage to carpet fibers.
For additional information on the carpet seam iron, and to obtain this carpet tool , click here.

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