Friday, March 19, 2010


New Furniture and Appliance Movers for Hard Floor Coverings

We have added some more EZ Moves Furniture and Appliance slides to our website at These things have been flying off of the shelves. We now have smaller slides that were meant to act as permanent placement slides under heavy objects that get moved more often such as a couch.

Whether you're moving, cleaning, or redecorating, EZ Move 3" Hard Surface Slides will make the job easy!

EZ Moves 3" Hard Surface Slides help you move heavy objects while protecting your beautiful hardwood surfaces. There's no need for adhesives when using the Hardwood Slides. Each Slide has a thick, pliable foam that conforms to any item placed on it, gripping furniture and staying with the object being moved. The soft felt bottom glides on hard surface floors with ease while adding protection to the floor surface. Each of the EZ Moves 3" Hard Surface Slides have a rigid center core, which improves durability.

For more information on the Hard Surface Sliders, CLICK HERE.EZ Moves Hard Surface Slides

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