Monday, February 19, 2007


Roberts Carpet Stretcher heads back to Double Case

The 10-254V is hitting the market with a bang. We have been waiting for this to happen! Roberts leans back into the double case carpet stretcher. The 10-254V now has one main body case which holds the stretcher unit, along with tubes and accessories, and the second case is a smaller tube case that can hold up to 4 tubes. The old stretcher case, the 10-237-40 should be faded out...which is not a bad hosted tons of poor design, which did not allow it to hold up. The new version of the 10-254V (2007) is by far, the BEST CARPET STRETCHER to hit the market. Eat it up...this one will go fast!

For more infor mation on the 10-254V, Click here.

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