Friday, January 22, 2010


Deluxe Carpet Seaming Iron 10-282G by Roberts

This best selling Heat Bond Iron is the first choice of professionals worldwide. The Deluxe Carpet Seaming Iron features a streamlined, low profile design allows for easy carpet seaming. There is even heat distribution for thorough melting. The 10-282G has a heat shield to prevent backings from overheating. Non-stick base for fast, easy clean-up. “Comb Profile” forms ridges in adhesive for stronger carpet seams. 3-way cord guide keeps cord out of the way. Stay-cool handle and up-front thermostat make it easy to use. Approximate heat range 135° to 425°.

For more information on the Deluxe Carpet Seaming Iron by Roberts, CLICK HERE.

Roberts Deluxe Carpet Seaming Iron

Friday, January 15, 2010


Carpet Shears by Floor Dot is proud to offer a full line Carpet Shears by Floor Dot. Floor Dot Carpet Shears are made of a high quality carbon steel, and are well known for their superior cutting ability and durability.

We offer five different Floor Dot Carpet Shears on the 6" Duckbill Napping Shears, the 7" Duckbill Napping Shears, the 8" Off-Set Napping Shears, the 10" Carpet Shears, and the 12" Carpet Shears. These shears will allow you to get extremely close to your carpet seams or fibers with gouging, and can be easily sharpened with a sharpening stone.

Check out how the family of Floor Dot Carpet Shears compare to one another in this video brought to you by

For more information on the Floor Dot Carpet Shears, CLICK HERE.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Vinyl Welding Kit

This new kit comes with all the tools you need to do basic vinyl welding, all at a very low price.

The Crain Vinyl Welding Kit comes with:

#960 Heat Weld Gun - Features precise heat, and comes with a pencil-tip nozzle, triangle welding tip, and a round welding tip.
#970 Power Groover - Tracks in the seamline to cut a trapezoidal groove for welding. Features simple, precise depth adjustment, and effective chip control. Comes with a 12 tooth 130mm carbide-tipped blade.
#983 Hand Groover & Blades - This tool is most often used in doorways or to finish the ends of long seams where the power groover can't go. Made to cut by pulling.
#985 Quarter Moon Knife
#986 Trim Guide

For more information on the Crain #988 Vinyl Welding Kit, CLICK HERE.

Crain Vinyl Welding Kit

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