Friday, March 02, 2012


EZ Moves Furninture Lifter & Hard Surface Skids

The EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Hard Surface Skids package is perfect for anyone who needs to move heavy objects over any hard surface (such as hardwood floors, vinyl, or tile). The EZ Moves PowerMaxx Furniture lifter gives you the leverage needed to lift furniture with only one hand, allowing you to place the EZ Moves Hard Surface skids underneath. The EZ Moves Hard Surface Skids are built with thick foam padding to conform to the underside of the heavy object that you wish to move, while the felt surface allows you to freely slide furniture along any hard surface without the risk of scuffs or scratches. It's an excellent combination for any hard-surface moving project!

To learn more about this simple and convenient furniture moving package, CLICK HERE!

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