Friday, September 25, 2009


Lift-N-Move Furniture and Appliance Mover

Alot of people have been asking about this heavy duty machine, made by Gundlach, called the Lift-N-Move. People want to know if it works, and how well it works, and how do you use the Lift-N-Move. The best way to show off the Lift-N-Move is to make a video to show off the equipment in action. Please view the video below.

For additional information on the Lift-N-Move, CLICK HERE.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Bond Carpet Binding Machines

Installertools going to be adding Bond Carpet Binding Machines to our inventory. Bond products have been around for years, they are one of the top leading manufactures of binding products in the USA. They strive to keep up with the times and new products. Bond understands the perfection that installers in the carpet industry require.

For more information on Bond Carpet Binding Machine Click Here.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Uni-Lift Furniture Mover

The Uni-Lift is a Furniture Mover that turns any heavy object into a 4-wheeled cart making moving easy. The Uni-Lift is silmilar to a jack and a dolly. To use the Uni-Lift simply slide the foot plates on each Uni-Lift underneath the object being moved, strap the object securely in place, and then jack the heavy object up. Once the heavy object is jacked up, it will move freely on the 3" casters. The Uni-Lift has a life capacity of 800lbs and is sold on in a set of 2.

For more information on the

Please feel free to watch this quick demonstration video of the Uni-Lift:

Friday, September 04, 2009


Furniture Lifter at

The Furniture Lifter is a peice of equipment that makes lifting furniture easy. The Furniture Lifter allows you to lift up to 200lbs with minimal effort saving unnecessary stress on your lower back. Simply place the Furniture Lifter under the corner of the furniture, push down on the lifter with one hand, and the furniture will lift leaving one hand free to place a furniture skid, block, or tabs under the furniture leg.

For more information on the
Furniture Lifter, CLICK HERE.

Please view the video below of the Furniture Lifter in action:

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