Friday, April 30, 2010


Tile Redi Shower Bases on

Unlike most other shower bases, Tile Redi® Shower Bases come in one piece and are extremely easy to install. No more guessing, no more struggling, and no more piecing together parts of a shower pan as if it were a jigsaw puzzle. The Tile Redi® Shower Base takes all the guesswork out of a shower installation, and are tile ready in a matter of minutes. Tile Redi® Shower Bases feature a fully integrated drain, integrated 6 inch splash walls, integrated curbs or barrier free entrances, and an integrated pitch for perfect drainage.

We offer numerous styles of Tile Redi® Shower Bases. Shower bases come in many different sizes and drain placements. Shower pans are available with or without a curb.

For more information on the
Tile Redi Shower Bases, CLICK HERE.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Blanke Securmat Tile Underlayment - Heavy Commercial Rating

Securmat Tile Underlayment Membrane is one of the few tile underlayments on the market to receive an Extra Heavy classification from the Tile Council of North America, Inc. Securmat requires much less thinset mortar than most rolled uncoupling products saving you time and money.

•Low elevation
•Easy to cut and install
•Uses less thinset than other uncoupling products
•Provides uncoupling crack isolation properties
•Approved for wood and cement substrates
•Approved for use with modified thinset mortar
•Approved for all tile sizes including mosaics

For more information on the Blanke Securmat Tile Underlayment, CLICK HERE.

Blanke Securmat

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Durock Tile Underlayment and Crack Isolation Adhesive

Durock Tile Underlayment is the hottest selling underlayment on the market today, and for good reason too! The first reason is the this is the easiest to install due to the no "roll-back" will roll out flat, straight from the roll. Durock cuts easily with sissors and installs with either a latex modified thinset or the Durock Tile Membrane Adhesive.

The Durock Tile Membrane Adhesive offers a superior bond and acts as a crack isolation membrane.

Durock Tile Underlayment benefits:

For more information on the Durock Tile Underlayment Membrane, CLICK HERE.

Friday, April 02, 2010


The ProVa Shower Kits have arrived!

The Prova Shower Kit offers an all inclusive package containing each of the components required to create a maintenance-free, watertight shower assembly without a mortar bed. The 48" Prova Shower Kit is a completely customizable shower assembly because the tray can be cut down to size if needed. The ProVa Mat is a waterproofing material that is installed using a modified thinset mortar. The ProVa Shower Kit includes all of the components to build a fully bonded watertight shower assembly.

For more inforamation on the 48" x 48" ProVa Shower Kit, CLICK HERE.

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