Friday, July 30, 2010


DuPont StoneTech Professional Products make there way onto

DuPont StoneTech Stone and Tile Cleaners are a vital part of maintaining and effectively prolonging the life of your stone and tile surfaces. After protecting and sealing your tile countertops and floors with DuPont products, make sure you keep them clean and looking new with our line of DuPont Stone and Tile Cleaners.

Whether you are looking for a professional grade cleaner or a cleaner for everyday stains and spills, we have a tile cleaner for you.

For more information on the DuPont Stone Tech Professional Cleaners, CLICK HERE.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Airsled Model 3025 Appliance Mover

The Airsled Model 3205 is a heavy duty appliance mover that will allow you to lift objects up to 1,400 pounds in weight.  Move extra heavy objects easily with the Airsled Appliance Dolly.  Airsled works like a hovercraft in order to lift heavy objects.  There are 2 air beams that have perforated holes within them.  A blower motor connected to the air beams fill the air beams with air causing the object to lift on a cushion of air.  Essentially, your heavy object turns the heavy object that you're moving into a hovercraft making it easy to push or pull into place.  There really isn't anything like it on the market and Airsled is a manufacturer that has been offering quality products for a very long time, so they know how to move appliance.

For more information on the Airsled Model 3205, CLICK HERE.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Airsled Model 2015 Appliance Air Dolly

How does it work?

Each Airsled System is designed for the size and weight of the load using one or more air beams of various widths and lengths. The air beams are constructed from thin aluminum plates with a neoprene fabric perforated on the underside. A blower motor inflates the air beams forcing air through the holes underneath and lifting the load about one inch from the floor. It is literally floating on a micro-thin cushion of air and can now be moved easily and safely.

Product Information:
For more information on the Airsled Model 2015 Appliance Mover, CLICK HERE.

Friday, July 09, 2010


8" Offset Napping Shears - 6 Pack

Our Napping Shears have been flying off of the shelves and now we've created a SKU for a 6 Pack because you wanted a discount for larger volume orders.  Well your voice has been heard and you can get that discount when you purchase a quantity of 6!

The Napping Shears made by Floor Dot are made rugged for a long lasting cut.  The 8" Offset Napping Shears are made of the finest steel for a long lasting superior edge that will stay sharp for the perfect cut.

To find out more about the 8" Offset Napping Shears, CLICK HERE.

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